Food Truck Festival for Sale

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Food Truck Festival for sale

Food Truck Festival is an appealing set-up of 2 food trucks, 2 food trailers, a Piaggio bar and a seating area in a container. It is currently situated at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway. Food Truck Festival (FTF) delivers high quality convenience food and drinks for high traffic locations. FTF has been successfully active at Gardermoen since 2018. Because of changed circumstances at the airport, FTF is offered for sale. All FTF-units include high range equipment, aimed at fast delivery of good food in a high awareness area. A broad assortment of menus ensures appeal to a large public.

The Food Truck Line-Up

  • Pizza Wheel – food trailer Pizza
  • Number Juan – food trailer Taco’s
  • Joyride – food truck Sandwich and Subs
  • Roasted – food truck Burgers and Breakfast
  • Tailgate – Piaggio Wine and Beer Bar
  • Gatemat – Container, can be used as seating area, central cash register or self service drinks-station

More Food Truck Festival

  • All units are provided with the equipment as mentioned on the following detail pages
  • The 2 food trucks and Piaggio are delivered without engine: safe and indoor-proof without inflammable fluids
  • The set-up comes with accessories like oil drums, benches, trash cans in Food Truck Festival-style
  • The set-up operates optimally in combination with a back of house kitchen (not included)

Food Trailer //
Pizza Wheel

Menu // Pizza
Equipment //

  • 3x Turbo Chef
  • 2x Undercounter glass door refrigerator
  • Salad bar with glass showcase – 6x 1/3 GN
  • Custom made drop-in cooler, glass front

Crew // 2-3
Connection central exhaust // Yes
Sprinkler // Yes

Food Trailer //
Number Juan

Menu // Taco’s
Equipment //

  • Highspeed oven
  • Salad station 4x 1/3 GN
  • Bain-marie D650 B400 1/1 GN
  • Undercounter refrigerator, stainless steel door
  • Drop-in cooler 2/1 GN

Crew // 2-3
Connection central exhaust // Yes
Sprinkler // Yes

Food Truck //

Menu // Sandwich & Subs
Equipment //

  • Undercounter refrigerators
  • Salad pancooler with glass showcase

Crew // 2
Connection central exhaust // No
Sprinkler // Yes

Food Truck //

Menu // Burgers & Breakfast
Equipment //

  • 3x Highspeed oven
  • Salad station 4x 1/3 GN
  • Undercounter refrigerator glass door
  • Refrigerator 293L, left hinged door
  • Toaster

Crew // 2-3
Connection central exhaust // Yes
Sprinkler // Yes

Piaggio //

Menu // Wine & Beer Bar
Equipment //
Drop-in cooler
Crew //

Container //
Food Truck Festival

Function // Eye-catcher & Seating area
Menu // Drinks
Crew // 2-3


* Flexible payment conditions are available


Current owner of the is concept is HMSHost, an international food service company that operates at high traffic locations, such as airports. In 2018 Food Truck Company designed and produced Food Truck Festival for Oslo Airport, in commissioned by HMSHost.
Next Level Concepts, represented by Marcel de Reus, acts as intermediary between HMSHost and interested parties. As founder of Food Truck Company, Marcel was closely involved with the design of the FTF-concept. Next to that he supervised the production, transport and putting into service of Food Truck Festival.

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Interested ?

A visit to Food Truck Festival on Oslo Airport is potentially possible, depending on COVID19 restrictions.
Next Level Concepts can fully take care of:

  • Transport from Oslo to any location
  • Delivery, installation, putting into service, crew training
  • Engineering and implementation back of house kitchen
  • Re-engineering of concept and menus, including branding
The sale of Food Truck Festival is supervised by Marcel de Reus of Next Level Concepts
// T: +31 6 5121 7019