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Development of an innovative and friendly beer POS with ultra-high capacity




The Netherlands

To cater to Heineken's specific needs, we developed a uniquely interactive tap truck, which has revolutionized the conventional point-of-sale experience. Designed to provide eye-level interactions, the Tap Truck enables guests to be served at an equal height, fostering a more intimate and authentic connection between the brand and the consumer. By shifting the point of service to outdoors, we eliminated the spatial constraints of indoor venues, enabling the creation of additional tapping stations for enhanced capacity. The indoor space is used strategically for mobile bars and technical installations. The tap truck was engineered to be easily connected to external beer tanks, facilitating an uninterrupted service even during periods of peak demand. By marrying small-scale charm with high-volume efficiency, our tap truck solution provides Heineken with a versatile, mobile point-of-sale system that resonates with both the brand's artisanal heritage and its need to provide a high-capacity service.

We are your full-service partner that takes care of the entire process from start to finish.